Photos of cars

During the last years I have taken a lot of pictures of cars, I have over ten thousand images today. I have a great interest in american cars and in particular muscle cars. I have some dragracing pictures as well.

It is a joy to take photos of cars, all the owners are proud of what they have and are very cooperative when it comes to shot pictures of their beloved car. A photoshot takes a few hours, the car has to be moved around for the right light and angle. The background can't be to noisy. Some of my pictures have been published in some magazines and I have also made a book with some of them.

But I haven't just photographed cars, other stuff can be catched as well, you'll find those images in the other section.

I hope you like what you see and I will be updating this site with new images as time goes by.


1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6

This really nice Chevelle were imported to Sweden recently. It is a true LS6 car and has undergone a frame-off restoration a few years ago. I took some photos of it for a magazine and it will  be published in a few months.

To get really good pictures of the body I used a Pol-filter and a tripod. I took several exposure with different angles on the Pol-filter to cancel out all reflextions in the paint and glass. I then layered the exposures in Photoshop and masked out the areas in the different layers. Doing so I got a good image with a minimum of lightreflexes on the car so that the color of the car can be seen.

On top of that I decided to go a step further and converted it to black and white with a soft yellowish tone, the result is below.

  • 1970-chevelle-ls6

32 Ford Roadster

I have photographed an amazing Ford '32 Roadster, the images will be published in Bilsport Classic magazine. I wanted to shot in the light of the sunset, the deep black paint will come to its advantage in that light. I am very pleased with the outcome, here are two examples.

Junk in the woods

I found this old VW in the woods and took some pictures of it. Wanted to try some HDR-effekts on it and added some extra effects with Photo Tools. I mostly use HDR to get a good exposure to gt details in dark areas to show without getting the light areas over exposed.

The first image is as it was photographed. Second is after HDR-processing, I purposedly turned up the colors. Last is after treatment in Photo Tools.

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