1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6

This really nice Chevelle were imported to Sweden recently. It is a true LS6 car and has undergone a frame-off restoration a few years ago. I took some photos of it for a magazine and it will  be published in a few months.

To get really good pictures of the body I used a Pol-filter and a tripod. I took several exposure with different angles on the Pol-filter to cancel out all reflextions in the paint and glass. I then layered the exposures in Photoshop and masked out the areas in the different layers. Doing so I got a good image with a minimum of lightreflexes on the car so that the color of the car can be seen.

On top of that I decided to go a step further and converted it to black and white with a soft yellowish tone, the result is below.

  • 1970-chevelle-ls6

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